What real estate fits best?
At Leavitt’s Mortuary, we know our families appreciate options. Some prefer the open air meadows of our Memorial Gardens for below-ground burial, while others appreciate the modernity of the one-of-a-kind Crystal Mausoleum for above-ground burial. While some cremation families choose to scatter or keep an urn in their home, others like that their loved one is secure within our Columbarium niches.

Planning ahead allows you to choose
Often, it’s hard for families to know what their loved one really wanted. Would you prefer burial or cremation? Do you envision family members reflecting on memories from a bench outside? Would you prefer to know your final resting place will be close to a spouse or family, surrounded by those that you loved most? You may not know yet, and that’s just fine. At Leavitt’s, we can help you with these difficult decisions, so that you plan a funeral that’s right for you, and takes the burden off of your family.