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Obituary for Diane Olsen Higley

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Diane Olsen Higley

November 13, 1961 - January 9, 2011

Diane Olsen Higley passed away peacefully in her sleep January, 9, 2011. Diane was born in Ogden Utah November, 13, 1961 to Orson Don Olsen and Dallas Olsen Allen. Diane married Michael Don Higley on May, 28, 1977 and while married they had two sons together. They later divorced. Diane was employed with WBJC for 17 years where she touched and changed the lives of many. She spent countless hours mentoring her “Angels”, giving freely of her love and advice. Diane was happiest among her family and friends. Her personality was loud and flamboyant, she could be a bit rough around the edges but her heart was pure gold. She never put on a front always speaking her mind, telling you how she felt regardless of the consequences. Recently when Diane would arrive home from a laborious day she would say “Im goin’ridin’!” never forgetting to leave the knowledge of her love for us. Her open road ahead is now endless. We will forever carry our love for her in our hearts. Mom, we know you will ALWAYS be running the show. Diane is survived by her two sons Darin Don (Jenni) Higley, Daniel Higley, two grandchildren Destiny and Jerin Higley, her mother Dallas Olsen Allen, three brothers Thomas O. Olsen, Dennis (Cheryl) Olsen, David (Bonnie) Olsen several nieces, nephews, and aunts. She was preceded in death by her father Orson Don Olsen and nephew Dallas Emmert Olsen. There will be an informal memorial ceremony honoring Dianes memory Monday January 24, 2011 at Leavitts Mortuary, 36th St. in Ogden, from 5-7 pm. Services will be 7-8 pm. Online condolences may be sent to the family at


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Service Schedule

Visitation Information

Date: Monday, January 24, 2011

Time: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Leavitts Mortuary


836 36th Street, , Ogden, UT, 84403

Memorial Information

Date: Monday, January 24, 2011

Time: 7:00 pm -

Leavitts Mortuary


836 36th Street, , Ogden, UT, 84403


Timeline for Diane Olsen Higley

Born: November 13, 1961
Died: January 9, 2011

Condolences for Diane Olsen Higley

Amy Ackles posted on 7/22/12

Just wanted to say that I miss you and was thinking about you. I know you are too busy to worry about the trivial things of the world, but I wanted to say that I love and miss you dearly still. I am sure you are so happy and at peace.


Star Cole posted on 8/25/11

Diane, it was a great pleasure knowing you! Sorry to hear that such a sweet and caring person has passed away. I pray that your family be blessed, and that you R.I.P...


Amy Ackles posted on 8/9/11

Diane and I were like kindred spirits. She knew how I was feeling and what I was going through. We were both Scorpios, so I guess that was the reason. We are naturally closed to others about ourselves, but open to helping others, because we are very good listeners. Sometimes we could be blunt to the point of almost being cruel. But never was that intended. She was my second Mom when I was attending WBJC from 2004-2006. I loved her then, and still do now. A lot of people didn't get her. I did. She always talked to me about her sons, I believe she mentioned that one of her son's birthdays was the 2nd of November. She was proud of her children! We would talk many times together about our lives. It was like we could only relate these things to each other. I miss you Diane and will forever carry your memory in my heart!Love you always. Can't wait to see you again!


Meagan posted on 8/9/11

I am so sorry to hear of her passing, her and i had allot of heart to hearts and she always told me exactly what she thought she was very honest and at the time thats what i needed she helped me out allot when i needed as well as strightened me out when i needed. It helped me more than she probably knew and i thank her for that. god bless her family and friends♥


Gabby Reyes posted on 1/26/11

I so bad want for it not to be true! I know that you are in a better place though! I love you a thank you for the way that you have blessed my life! You helped me overcome things that I never would have thought was possible without your guidence! You were more than a friend more like a mother figure who kept me in line and at the same time let me be who I was and I just wanted to say thanks! To your family I am sorry because you guys lost an amazing woman! Rest in Peace you will always be remembered!


Jenni Rackham posted on 1/26/11

It still hasn't fully set in yet that your gone. I look at your picture everyday and think maybe, just maybe, you will come knocking on our door with some crazy story of where you have been and why you didn't tell us that you were leaving. I cant be the strength that you were for Darin, but I will try my hardest not to let you down. He misses you SO much, I think that he would give ANYTHING to have you call him and irritate the crap out of him with all your "WHAT'S"!!! You left a huge void in our lives. I love you Diane, I miss you more than words can express. I am waiting with my eyes wide open and my ears tuned in.........


Jamie posted on 1/26/11

For so many young people you were just what they needed when they needed it!! Mom when they needed guidance, dad when they needed discipline, and a friend when they needed a shoulder. God Bless you Diane, GOD has a purpose for all his ANGEL's your work in not yet done.


Angel Halcrow posted on 1/24/11

diane you were always like a second mom to me.....holy crap i still cant believe that you are gone...i send my love to dallas, darin and daniel...your mom was a great woman.....i will miss her


jodi posted on 1/24/11

you are the best


Jodi posted on 1/24/11

I think you are one of the best angels I have met in my life you helped me out when I didn't think I could make it Thank you for being who you were. you will be missed and you are loved. Thank you for being there when I needed you.


Alliso Archambault posted on 1/24/11

You always brightened my day. You encouraged me to stay at WBJC when I wanted to leave. I'm glad I stayed there, if I didn't who knows what I would have ended up doing back home. I miss you so much, I always thought of you like a mother. You will be greatly missed. I love you


Amanda J Ancira posted on 1/24/11

Diane You always have come in to say hi baby how are you doing, then i would say im just good or great , you listen to me when i need you and i do the same. i really miss your huggs and kisses, you were so great when we worked together and help me become a better person. your smiles and your laufers will always be with me, when i give you hugs i squeaked by your ears you laugh and smile it made you happy. im so glad that i got to know you and to love you like if i was your real daudter, your my angle and would love you to be my mom. your boys are so loving and careing so your mother too im glad that i got to know them too. Diane you ride all the way. ill miss you and hope to see you again someday with all my loves Amanda


Mary Beckstead posted on 1/23/11

We were hooked at the hip - swimming for hours, then home to Diane's for kraft mac&cheese. We were constantly on the go. Don eating crackers and cheese while watching tv (the 1st color tv I'd ever seen). David - birds. Dennis-dog Freckles. Tommy-he was OLD (in high school). Dallas- I look back and I don't know how she did it - there was always chicken on Sunday, she ran us all over. It was fun growing up with Diane and her family.


Jeannine posted on 1/22/11

...You would call me lil one, I am sure there was many. You made me follow the rules when I was not use to any. You being a mother to all of us even when you had your own, thank you for when I was younger and now that I am grown...I want to send your family my blessings and let them know..your an angle that will forever roam.


Angela Smauldon posted on 1/22/11

Diane,It's been a while since we've crossed paths. Last time that was, you held my then 4 month old daughter in your arms like she was your own. I'm heartbroken by the news of your passing. You were a Mom to me and a handful of others who needed it the most. You helped me through a lot. You believed in me when I didn't. You gave the best hugs. You were never too busy and you always gave me your ear. You called me on my BS. :) You told me you were proud of me every chance you got. You loved me. I felt it and it was real. For this I will always LOVE and REMEMBER you!! Rest in Peace.Angie


Frank Berglund posted on 1/22/11

My heat you will have a special place in my heart whether you are near or far apart my HEART....... I love you and you always brought a smile to my fave no matter what You wher the sunshine that would bright up anyones day i miss you so much love always your friend Frank


Jessica Bouck posted on 1/22/11

I had just found you via Facebook before you left this earth, I know that connection was for a reason. You were one of the most compassionate and caring teachers at Job Corps and I loved working for you. You were someone I looked up to even throughout the years because you were always there for anyone despite the circumstances.I will miss you so much. You left behind an amazing legacy.


Amy Lee posted on 1/22/11

Diane,You were the greatest!!! You have taught us all so much you never took any sh** from anyone and I loved it you and John and the reason I had to grow up. Thanks for all you did forme you are always in my heart.wbjc class of 94


Heather Goltry-Whited posted on 1/22/11

Big Momma,I will never forget you for how accepting of me you were, and how you watched over me while I was in Medical getting detoxed. You and Miss Bonnie are the reason that I am in school now...I am getting my BA in Criminal Justice I am in my junior year and of course I am in EVERY club that is offered there. I want to help those that are in the same need as I was when I got to you and WBJC. The plan is to come and work in your and her honor.I have some HUGE shoes that I never expected that I would TRY to fill. I hope once again I will make you as proud to be some ones mentor / friend as you have made me. May God bless and keep you in his arms for eternity you have earned and deserve it. Go in peace your work was well worth it. ((BIG HUG))To her Family and Children,I am indeed greatful to her children for sharing her with so many of us. She was one of the most influencial person that has contributed to the person that some day I hope to become. I am indeed sorry for your loss and do send my deep condulances. Be comforted that she will be given peace eternal. God bless you all.


Peanut Saxton posted on 1/21/11

I did love you,


Michelle Olsen posted on 1/21/11

You will be missed.


rochelle (tso) stone posted on 1/21/11

mom!! i'm so glad that i got to meet you! i just want to say thanks for being a great friend! i remember when i got to job corps you made me feel like it was gonna be ok! thanks for making me feel so comfortable there and thanks for making a difference in my life!! for ever your friend "roach" rochelle!!!


Meadow posted on 1/21/11

Diane I am so glad for the time we got to spend together before you left us all to watch upon us. I am so thankful that we (all your job corps kids) got to celebrate your birthday with you at the reunion. You taught me so much about life. I love you and am so honored to be one of your adopted kids. You changed the lives of many. I will miss your smiles, laughs, out talks, and your bug hugs! I love you mom!


Marie Armendariz Dhakal posted on 1/21/11

Diane, You believed in us and comforted us. You were there when our own parents and family were unavailable because we were there and they were home. You were like our "Job Corps Mom". I was glad to be able to be an orientation aid for you and even more glad when you became our Donner dorm Manager...You picked up the pieces when they fell and when you put them back together the picture was even better!!! Thank you for always being there.To Diane's Sons and Family,I am very sorry for your loss and I am sure you heard alot about her Job Corps students, but I would like you to know that we heard alot about you. She would always talk about you to us and tell us stories. She will be forever missed and we will all cherish the memories we have.Much Love and Respectlove you and miss youMarie Armendariz Dhakal


Leslie Fuit posted on 1/21/11

Diane was like a daughter to me. I loved her unconditionally. She was a handful most of the time but that was just Diane. I have a lot of good memories of her. Our girls trip to Wendover, Mardi Gra at Bogeys, or just hanging out in the hot tub. I will miss her alot, and my life will be richer just from knowing her. Ride free baby.


Misty Benton posted on 1/21/11

Diane (Mom) RIP. Your up in heaven. You have touched so many lives and you have brought happiness to everyone. You are loved and you will be missed dearly. I will never forget you. Love you.


Nickie your addopted daughter posted on 1/21/11

Mom I will never forget your loving welcoming arms and heart to me and and my children and husband when you took us all in to your life and heart ill never forget you or your smile your crazy and outgoing personality we had so much fun together and so much in common I love you mom and forever will I'm so glad I got to have you the time that I did and ill be forever grateful that I was with you on your last day here on earth at your house ill never forget that last day with you you looked so good and you felt good to that day that's the hardest thing for me to this day is how great you looked and felt and in a heartbeat you were gone we love you mom and always will words can't describe the way you changed my life forever I miss calling you and talking to you anytime day or night but I still talk to you and know your listening cause I feel you you'll be forever in my heart and soul and I know when It's my time you'll be there waiting for me and ill finally be able to take that ride.


Shellee posted on 1/20/11

I only knew Diane a short time and she was a very good person.She worked with my daughter at HAFB and we were both friends with her. My heart goes out to your family. Just know that she is at PEACE now & let her spirit live on in your hearts forever.


Crystal Clough posted on 1/20/11

I still can't believe that u are gone, I want to thank you for being my friend! I have so many funny memories of the time i got to spend with you. You were a great friend to me and i will never forget the things you have done for me. I looked up toyou so very much and I love you and miss you more then you could know. You told me before you passed, that i was a angel but, no diane, You are the angel and now you have your wings. I miss you and love you and know that you are up there looking over all of your freinds and family and you wont let anybody mess with us:) Ride baby, ride!!!


Kim Wodd posted on 1/20/11

I new Diane for 3 years I new from the beginning she was a handful but she taught me alot and helped me thru a very hard time in my life she was rough on the outside but an angel on the inside. i will miss her i lpve you Diane. my heart goes out to the family.


Tracy posted on 1/20/11

Diane, you will alway be in my heart and i know i can just talk and know u will be there listening somewhere well now u can go Ridin all the time friend ,you are deeply missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to your family much love Tracy (friend)


Kim S Pierce posted on 1/20/11

I am so sorry for your loss. Diane was so funny and loving and genuine. She and my mom (suzy) would go riding HD together. And they were such a happy free spirited duo to show up just a giggling with tales of where they had been that day. If Diane didn't tip over at least once on her bike then my mom would. She was a true friend in the hard times as well. Helped make it seem a brighter day just with her presence. I only knew her a short while. But I'll not forget her ever. My heart goes out to her family. Thank you for sharing her with us.


Christie Gutierrez posted on 1/20/11

Thanks Diane for believing in me when I was ready to give up. May you forever rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.


suzie posted on 1/20/11

i'LL miss you.FOREVER


suzie posted on 1/20/11

She was a dear, sweet friend. We spent many sunny days "learning" to ride our bikes. I treasure each one of those days. I know she can make those darn corners now. When Diann walked into the room you knew it. Followed by big ol bear hugs & kisses. She was one of the most thoughtful and kind people I've ever met. Till I see you again "Ride" on forever Diann!!