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Obituary for Geoffrey Walter Mann

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Geoffrey Walter Mann

April 22, 1983 - April 11, 2012

Geoffrey Walter MannAka “Gmann”Geoff was born April 22, 1983. He chose to take another path on April 11, 2012.He was a talented Recording Engineer, Sushi Chef, Restaurateur & Karaoke Host. He was always willing to help, and was appreciated by those around him.Geoff is survived by his parents, Michael and Colleen Mann, his brother, Brice (Randi) Bement of Seattle, adopted sister, Dana, and his dog, Gem.A celebration of his life will be held on his birthday, Sunday, April 22nd at his home, 1338 S. State, Clearfield at 3:00 p.m. Please bring Yellow Candles. Services under the direction of Leavitt’s Mortuary. Online condolences may be sent to the family at


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Date: Sunday, April 22, 2012

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Timeline for Geoffrey Walter Mann

Born: April 22, 1983
Died: April 11, 2012

Condolences for Geoffrey Walter Mann

Samara Epstein posted on 4/24/13

when you visited co and we reminiced about memorys of my brother who had passed away dan who was a good friend of Geoffs. i remembering laying in the street in the middle of the night talking about dan looking at the stars.


Jodie Gifford posted on 4/19/12

Geoffrey was always trying to make everyone else have a good time despite themselves. I will always remember the times Geoff played darts with me and Jim and how much fun we had. I just saw you at Smith's Geoff I just wish you would have reached out, I believed you when you said things were good. Jim and I will miss you!!!


Matt Brubaker posted on 4/19/12

Geoff I hope you are truly at peace now, I am soo sorry you were hurting the way you were. I wish we would have been able to remain close but with everything time and our lives sometimes won't let that happen. You were a great friend and will be sorely missed. Mr. and Mrs. Mann I am very sorry for your loss.


Andrea Olsen posted on 4/19/12

Although we only knew each other for a short time you will always be in my heart, and greatly missed. I hope you have found peace sweet friend love you always!


Brandie Gardner posted on 4/18/12

My heart hurts because I will never see your smiling face again, or be able to get your advice. You always knew what people needed to hear. You always knew how to make everyone laugh, even playing with the smoke machine. I will never forget the last night me, Cramer, and you hung out at your house. We listened to awesome music, and I loved your dog. I know we didn't see each other much. But you're someone that cannot be forgotten. I will miss you so much. RIP GMann


Alisa Pair posted on 4/18/12

Geoff had such a tender heart- such a good kid. I am so very sorry to hear of his passing, My heart goes out to you to all. May he now be in peace.


David and Wendy Fink posted on 4/18/12

Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you. He will be missed.


Wade Haycock posted on 4/18/12

I always imagined catching up with Geoff at a bar. We'd swap stories of the times we shared and the time we grew apart. Geoff was always the life of a party and never judged anyone. He accepted everyone for who they were. I regret not staying in touch and I hope you are at peace. Mike and Colleen I love you guys and I'm so sorry for the loss of Geoff he will be greatly missed by everyone who's lives he touched.


JosepH posted on 4/17/12

i am sooooo sorry,that you could not find a better way to solve what was bothering you.


Kassera Layton posted on 4/17/12

Geoffrey was a great character he made everyone smile and brought them joy. I remember when he showed me and a friend his music, i was amazed because i never would of thought he did them kinds of things. He brought joy into my life when i would see him, now he is in a better place and is finally free from the pain in this world. You are dearly missed Geoff and forever in our hearts.Love, Kassera


Taylor Eldredge posted on 4/17/12

GMann was a good dude, always had good things to say about people and was always down for a heart to heart! His love for music was astounding, My most fondest memory of Geoff will always be how we'd discuss music every single time we talked! He was right next to me when I bought my first beer, I'll never forget that! Rest in paradise bud, we're gonna miss you!You're home now and with god again, watch over us, your family, your friends and everyone you touched. Protect us and keep us safe!


Kara Williams posted on 4/17/12

I will never forget the night that I met Geoffrey and his kind words of encouragement. He reminded me that in a world full of darkness all it takes is one kind soul to light it up. I will never forget you Geoffrey, thank you for your amazing hugs, smile and music!! You will never know how you saved me that night and for that I will always love you!! Rest In Peace my dear friend!! Love always,Kara(Ladybug)


Bryan Anderson posted on 4/17/12

I have several memories with Geoff from Elementary school... But the one that sticks out the most is throwing batteries at the ground at the city park because we were super smart kids!! Anyways one that I threw finally popped open and he was the first to know because it shot some of the battery acid into his eye! I was so scared and i dont remember how long he had to wear the eye patch afterward but i was very glad he didn't go blind!! Anyway Geoff was a great and VERY talented person back then and i am sure he only became more so as he got older, even though i haven't had any real contact with Geoff in years he will still be deeply missed!!! Thoughts and prayers go out to his family in these hard times and the hard ones coming.


Dennis and Sherry Howland posted on 4/17/12

Mike and Colleen - our deepest heartfelt condolences for your loss. Our prayers and hugs are with you.Denny and Sherry


Jaime Morris posted on 4/17/12

Colleen and Mike, I am so sorry for your loss. Geoff was very fortunete to have such loving parents in his life. You are in my heart during this time.


Angela Soper posted on 4/17/12

My heart goes out to all of you. Geoff had a good heart and was a talented guy. I always enjoyed talking with him. Much love, Angela (and Jim)


Brooke Taylor posted on 4/17/12

I will always remember how much positivity he brought to the group. It is sad to know he is gone, but I am glad I had the chance to know him.


Kristen Hill posted on 4/17/12

I cannot believe he is gone. Geoff was, and always will be one of my very best friends. I regret not staying in touch with him over the last couple of years. I remember one of our last conversations that we had, and will now cherish it forever. I loved him more than he knew, and will hold on to his memories for the rest of my life. I am beyond sad to hear of his passing, and want to let Mike and Colleen know I am here if you need anything at all. Much Love, Kristen