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Obituary for Helen Irene Hennessey

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Helen Irene Hennessey

January 23, 1918 - April 8, 2011

Helen Irene Hennessey, passed away peacefully on April 8, 2011 from natural causes. She was 93 years old and the patriarch of the Hennessey family.She was married to Robert Hennessey for over 65 years. Helen is survived by her daughter, Celia, son Mick, 3 grandchildren, Eric, Meredith and Sara and 2 great grandchildren, Reanna and Orion,.She was a beautiful person, good wife, wonderful mother and she loved her extended family. She was a huge part of the Hennessey legacy and all who knew her, loved her dearly. God speed and eternal peace to a woman whose life was influential to many. Online condolences may be sent to the family at


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Timeline for Helen Irene Hennessey

Born: January 23, 1918
Died: April 8, 2011

Condolences for Helen Irene Hennessey

Brittney Campbell posted on 4/17/11

Oh grandma you look soo beautiful! I will never forget your smile and your face. I can honestly say with out a doubt that you and grandpa were the closest grandparents i had. I was so blessed to have known my great grandmother the way that I did. I regretfully say that I did not get to see you as much as I would have liked, but you were ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers. I"m happy that you get to be with grandpa now and that you are at peace. Working as a nurse in a nursing home, I can truly relate to what you must have been going through and I hope now that you are with God you can finally rest with out a worry in the world.It was failed to mention that My great grandmother had another daughter Wanda, a grandson Steve, a grand-daughter Angie and two great grandchildren, me (brittney) and my brother James. No matter what hard times fell upon us I know that you truly loved me and all of us and you never failed to tell me that each time i called. No matter what may have happened before I was born you never seized to believe that I never existed. I have so many wonderful memories of you and grandpa. I remember your house and cabin like it was yesterday. I remember putting dances on for you with Sara, and singing to you. I remember playing your origin and helping you guys cook. I remember corn on the cob, and avocado's with salt (my new favorite food!) I remember staying up late laughing til we cried and getting up early. I remember you taking your baths at night and how grandpa always listened to Johny cash. I remember my great great grandmother and how she passed away while we were visiting. I remember your dump cake (which I make every chance I get) and i remember your cream soda. I remember the way your grass felt, and how it was different from ours in Co. I remember going to the water park and shopping at the mall. I remember your sweet dog Daisy and sleeping on the couch. Of course I remember scrapple early in the morning and looking for grandpa in his computer room in the garage. I remember helping wash dishes and to blue couches in your sitting room. I remember looking at old photos of my grandma wanda and other siblings. I remember the way you smelled and the way your close fit. I remember watching my mom cut and set your hair. Most of all I remember what it was like to have a true grandparent, and to feel that unconditional love. you helped shape me for who I am today and I will NEVER for get your impact on me. I can't wait to spend my life with the man I love and to have a family like you did. I hope that one day I can be half the women you were and I will always pray for you and grandpa.Thank you for not forgetting me and loving us all unconditionally because I know that was the person you were despite the differences. I have so


James Campbell posted on 4/15/11

I remember waking up almost as early as Grandpa to start the Scrapple on the skillet out in the garage. Grandma would be around soon too to share in the breakfast making. Breakfast. The best word in the world to describe my Great Grandparents. Loving, wholesome, Christ loving, generous, open arms... all these descriptions can't come close to a Hennessy Breakfast.I remember the cabin in Utah and sitting on Grandma's lap. She would always ask me if I was a Christian. She would ask me if I loved Jesus and if I knew Jesus loved me. Of coarse I would always say yes because my father and her Grandson Steve Campbell always taught me that that was the first and greatest commandment from God. We would TRY to count the caterpillars on the trees outside, and then we would hit the hot tub for an hour or 10 with Grandpa. Though I did not get to se Grandma Hennessy as much as I would have liked, I know she loved me and my family beyond petty differences. All of us. We love you too Grandma!