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Obituary for Krystine Krys Knight

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Krystine Krys Knight

January 11, 1952 - June 12, 2012

Krystine “Krys” KnightOur beautiful, loving sister, Krys passed away on Tuesday, June 12, 2012. Krys was born in Delta, Utah on January 11, 1952 to Newel and Venice Knight. She lived most of her younger years in Deseret. In 1965, our family moved to Delta. Krys attended schools in Delta and graduated from Delta High School in 1970. Thank you Mrs. “J” for ensuring that Krys and her friends graduated. She attended and graduated from Weber State University and received her Master’s Degree in Psychology at BYU. For the last twenty-three years, Krys has been a School Counselor for the Ogden School District. Krys loved the students and has made a positive impact on their lives. No matter where she went, current and former students would come running to her for a hug. She worked closely with the Ogden City Police Department and Gang Unit and was highly respected for her work trying to break the cycle of students becoming gang members. Krys loved sports. Sunday’s was her football day. Krys enjoyed hiking, biking, skiing, softball, and tennis. Currently, she was playing tennis on an Ogden City League. She was an avid reader and was always reading two or three books at the same time. Krys loved coming to Delta to see her friends and having lunch at the Rancher. She said it was the only place where she could get a great Cheeseburger and Fries. Family was the most important part of Krys’s life. She loved her family more than anything and always looked forward to our family’s crazy adventures. Krys requested to be cremated and have her ashes scattered in her favorite place in Millard County. Our family loved Krys so much and we and the naughty dogs will miss her. We know that she is in a happy place. We are also sure that Krys, Michelle and dad are in “time out’ and mom is shaking her finger. Our family appreciates the love and compassion that was been given to us during the difficult time. A very special “Thank You” to the South Ogden Police Department, 911 Dispatcher, CSI, and Corner’s Office. They all performed their duties with such dignity and respect and went beyond their duty to provide comfort and support.Cremation under the direction of Leavitt’s Mortuary.Please send us your condolences and a memory at


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Timeline for Krystine Krys Knight

Born: January 11, 1952
Died: June 12, 2012

Condolences for Krystine Krys Knight

Jessica and Hondo Barrera posted on 8/2/12

Dear Krys. Hondo and I will miss you so much we just barley found out today and he is so heart broken. To Krys's Family Our thoughts and prayers are with you always I want you to know Krys ment a lot to my little boy Hondo who is going into 4th grade this yr at Dee School,he lost his daddy almost a year ago this Sept,10 and Krys helped us get thru this the best she could. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. WE LOVE YOU KRYS!! UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN FAREWELL....


Barry Ungles posted on 7/16/12

Krys, I always looked forward to visiting your schools to register the students that we moving up to Mound Fort, because I knew how much you cared about them and you were always welcoming and kind. I will miss you Krys, hope to meet again in the big school in the sky.


Tisha Luna Aguilar posted on 7/15/12

Thank you Krys for everything you did to help me graduate. U always had a great big smile, always pushed me to be a better person then I ever thought I could be. Thank you ...


Marshal Garrett posted on 7/2/12

I do not live in Weber County anymore, but just happened to check the Standard Examiner for obituaries. My heart sank when I saw Krys's name. I worked with her at Highland Middle School in the early 1990's. She was such a wonderful person who loved the kids. My deepest condolences to her family. She loved you very, very much. Family was so important to her. I also know how she loved her dogs. They will miss her, I am sure.Sincerely,Marshal Garrett


Maureen Kopecky posted on 6/23/12

This was not supposedto happen-I am so sorry. My deepest condolences to Krys's family.


Inez Perez posted on 6/23/12

I worked with Krys, at Washington high school. Her energy and warriors heart were motivating and impressive. Her2 love for the students, parents and the Ogden community will always ring vibrant and true. Thank you Krys for your loving spirit and joyful heart. You will be sadly missed on this plane. So continue to fight the good fight, because we are a better people here because of your presence and diligence. Goodnight, Krys Knight.


Kelsey Nielsen posted on 6/22/12

Krys, Although i only met you a few times, you had an amazing energy surrounding you. I am honored to have know you in the short time it did, and i know you will be watching over those you love.-Kelsey Nielsen


Crystal dreiling posted on 6/21/12

Krys, it's hard to believe you gone, we met years ago and became great friends. Anytime I needed someone to talk to I could always count on you any problem big or small. Your heart was one of the biggest. I'm so sorry that you had to leave this place at such a young age, god must of had bigger plans for you. I will never forget how you impacted my life and so many others.Love always Crystal


Cindy Bray posted on 6/21/12

Krys cared deeply for the kids and families she worked with and she worked tirelessly to help people . She will be sorely missed by many students, families, and staff. Krys will live on through the thankful memories of many children and adult she helped through the years.


Gunner Jensen posted on 6/21/12

Hi Miss Knight, I would give anything in the world to see you one more time. I love you so much. You are an amazing counselor and friend. You told us so many secrets and we told you so many. I looked forward to seeing your smile and hearing your voice at Dee Elementary. Good news! Now I'm going to be at OPA next year for 4th grade! It's things like this I will miss telling you, because I told you everything. I love you so much!Love, Gunner


Corbin Jensen posted on 6/21/12

You are the best and I loved you ever since I met you. I knew from the first time we met that you were going to be a really nice counselor and you helped me alot. I wish I could see you one more time! I remember all the memories me and my brother Gunner had with you and how many secrets we shared. I hope you liked when I hugged you and I want you to know that I don't give hugs very often, but to you I did because you are a part of my life and you are in my heart. I will always remember you, so much. I wish I could bring you back to life and I want you to know that I love you. I went to El Matador and wished in the fountain that you could come back but I know you can't so I just want you to be happy in Heaven. Heavenly Father will take good care of you. Please watch over us and we will see you again, up in Heaven when we die. But I hope that will be in a long time since I'm only 8 years old and I hope you will watch over me forever. Love, your best friend, one of the people that love you- Corbin Randy Jensen


Elaine Eliason Englehardt posted on 6/21/12

Krystine, it doesn't seem possible that you are gone. May God's be with you and His blessings be with your family, friends and loved ones. You brought me so many laughs every time we talked whether in high school, college or in the last months. You blessed countless lives including mine. Your selfless acts in behalf of hundreds of students and families will live on and on. You lovingly helped me through many tough times. In earlier days we played poker baseball and folded your mom's wash after it dried on the clothes line. In professional years we cheered on each others' careers and successes. The selfless gifts to your students the Ogden community will be remembered and cherished. Go with God, Love Elaine


Mrs. JM posted on 6/21/12

The students, staff and community of Dee School will miss Krys. Krys had a very kind heart and was always the first one to help a child in need. Each of us will hold our memories of Krys close to our hearts and our deepest condolences and love go to her family.


Jina Hales posted on 6/19/12

Game, Set, Match ! Krys you will be forever missed on and off the court.. Thanks for all you did for kids in your short lifetime. Few will match your caring and compassion for students and their families. Keep practicing, when the rest of the team gets there, we'll have one heck of a match! God bless and Angels keep you near..


Monica Shelstead posted on 6/19/12

Krys,I will never forget all the laughs and smiles we shared. Didnt matter if we were camping, bowling or whatever us crazy girls were up to, we had many great memories. I will miss you.Monica aka: Monkey


donna thornblad posted on 6/19/12

I"m so sorry my thoughts and prayers are with her family. I really liked working with Krys she was a very nice and caring person.


Cheyenne Herland posted on 6/19/12

Krys was my daughter' school counselor from kindergarten through last year. She was a dedicated child advocate and friend to her students and their families. She served lovingly and diligently at Dee School from Emelia's kinder through fourth grade year, where she fearlessly supported my daughter and our family through mild and great challenges alike. When Emelia transferred to Taylor Canyon last year, it was such a blessing that Krys began working there half time - seemed like fate for Emelia to have this angel/mentor looking after her, still! Krys was an advocate for parent involvement in the school and classroom. She gave me a lot of kudos and recognition for my volunteerism. She was an advocate for diversity and fairness for everyone. It was so rewarding to see how appreciated and fulfilled she felt working for Taylor Canyon, which has a culture of positive feedback, fairness and forward momentum. Krys, we will miss you, terribly. I'm so sad we never did get together outside of school for dinner, as we'd talked of doing. I wish I'd thanked you every single day I saw you for the difference you made for our family and community.


Emelia Church posted on 6/19/12

Mrs.Knight was a very inspiring person and loved everyone. She always helped me when something bad happened or when someone I cared about was getting bullied. She put everything aside to help me when I needed her. She would be there for me even if I just wanted some company, I grew up in a family that was different from everyone else. I would go to school and everyone would make fun of me because of it.I am very very sad she passed and I loved her like family. I have known her since I was 5 and I'm 11 i'v known her for 6 years, and I wish her family the best. She was a magnificent person and I'll miss her.


Cindy Stewart posted on 6/18/12

I can't believe she is gone. She was always so much fun to be around with her positive energenic personality! She was family to me and I will miss her. My thoughts are with you and I love you all


Lydia Westover posted on 6/18/12

I'm so sorry for Krys's passing. She was dedicated to the children at her school. She was so kind and helpful to me. We've lost such a caring person. I'm sure her family will miss her very much.


John and Sandy Nailen posted on 6/18/12

Krys was our neighbor when she lived on 25th St for several years. She was a great and true friend.


Sella Rabe posted on 6/18/12

Dear, krys knight (auntie) You will be missed....i remember when I was younger I was always in trouble (go figure) gettomg into fight goin to anger managment and only gettin more angry. But you, you noticed that and told me one day "sella im putting you in boxing" and you did and thank you for it you knew it wuld work and knew it wuld controly anger....when I was 17 you and my aunt invited me and my son into your home and let me live there and for that I thank you also krys u are loved by many and will be missed im extremly sad that we didnt get the chance to say our farewells to you......i loved you for who u were strong loving caring helping always had good advice never judged me.....KRYS KNIGHT YOU WILL BE MISSED DEARLY AND WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART!!!!!!! — with Isabel Toscano.


ann crockett posted on 6/18/12

Krys was a caring advocate for kids. Her dedicated years in one of the most highly impacted school in the state is commendable. In her soft spoken way , with her sweet smile, she spent years and years making the world a better place for 100's of children. I also worked at Dee School and understand the work, time and commitment she had to Ogden's Youth. God bless you Krys and give you peace.


Treva Knight posted on 6/18/12

Krys always had a smile on her face and never forgot anyone's name. She was very personable no matter how hectic her schedule was, she made sure that she made time for you. I know that Krys is in a wonderful place without any pain or suffering. I am sure she is loving it being reunited with her loved ones. I know she will be missed by many people. We love you Krys!


tina toscano posted on 6/18/12

Krys was a good friend. I enjoyed being around her and my sister isabel we had lots of laughs and tears. Krys took me and my family in her house when i had no where to go. I will always remember her kind words. We cry for you today and we will cry for somebody dear to us tomorrow. Until we meet again krys I will always have you in my heart good freind like you never forget. LOVE YOU Tina and family


candice rounds posted on 6/18/12

I worked with Krys at Dee Elementary. She was a fantastic lady always with a smile and a jolly hello. She had sage advice when my life was in upheveal. I appreciate her and what she did for the kids.


Isabel Toscano posted on 6/18/12

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, my love may God hold you in the hollow of his hand." – Irish Blessing. I loved you from the moment we met. Isabel Toscano


jewett family posted on 6/18/12



Julie Nelson camara posted on 6/18/12

Krys was such a great friend. We had so much fun in high school. She was always full of fun and excitement. I am so glad to have been one of her friends. Krys had such a kind heart. She had a true love and understanding of people and the hardships that are put before them. I was able to visit with krys last year at the nursing home in delta. It was so fun too see her. I am sure that there must have been a need for a great counselor in heaven. My sympathy to the family.


Mr. Salvador and Mrs Guadalupe Toscano posted on 6/18/12

To our beautiful daughter in law Krys, We love you and miss you our prayers goes out to your family. We remember the day the family went camping in South Fork and Willy yours and Isabel dog got sprayed with a skunk. How you two were bathing him in tomato juice and you were so davasted. Yet the both of you laid in your tent with your boy. Now that is love. WE truely hope you knew how much we loved you. You became one of the Toscanos and always were. Your Pictures still hang on our walls and your memories in our hearts.


Michael Nabor posted on 6/18/12

God Speed Kris - You are a wonderful person. May the Angles in Heaven show you your way back home.


Isabel Toscano posted on 6/18/12

I remember the first time I met Krys. December 20 1996 it was love at first sight, We had many good memories and good times spent traviling to her faviort place LAVA. We spent 13 years together and were spent loving each other. Krys I will miss you and have missed you this past year and half. I will love you always. I will remember only the good times and your beautiful green eyes and that big smile of yours, that big heart of your. Love Always Isabel Toscano, and your boys Paco Knight-Toscano and Hoss Knight-Toscano


Scott Teeples posted on 6/18/12

Krystine, Although the years since high school have come and gone, the memories and friendship that we had will never be forgotten. May God always be with you family and friends. You have gone on to better place and you will be missed. Love you always,Scott TeeplesKlamath Falls, OregonDelta High School - Class of 1970


Jeanne Cameron posted on 6/18/12

Krys loved the children! Her smile put others at ease. When the newspapers wanted to interview her after she gave a significant contribution in our fundraiser, she declined, telling me, "I don't have children of my own. These students are my children." She treated them all like that, too. The students of Ogden city schools, as well as those of us who had the pleasure of working with Krys, have lost a wonderful friend.


Shanna Pate posted on 6/18/12

We have lost a wonderful beautiful person but Heaven has gained a wonderful beautiful angel. I could never thank you for all that you had done for my family and I. We will always love you and you will never be forgotten. I will miss our long talks and the way you would always make me smile no matter how upset I was. You never gave up on my boys and I thank you so much for that. May you forever Rest In Peace my wonderful friend. Love you always


Rex Stanworth posted on 6/18/12

To all I give great sympathy in the loss of Krys. Not just to her loving family but to all that knew her as a friend. I loved Krys and appreciated her more each time I saw her. She was a great friend. Till we meet again !


Maria Boring posted on 6/17/12

My Aunt always wanted to make a difference. Everytime that I came home from Iraq she was there to see me and my daughter her goddaughter Mia. My daughter asked me one day she said mommy how come aunt krys always buys me books and no toys I said cause she thinks your really smart and now my daughter loves reading. I will truly miss her and I know my aunt will too! My family will have her in our prayers!


Alida Ruth Overson Martin posted on 6/17/12

I will never forget Krys' smile and laugh. She was a friend to everyone at Delta High. I so much appreciated her friendship and I have wondered many times since graduation where she was and how she was. I loved her. May knowing that others care help comfort you at this time. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Ron & Loree Pace posted on 6/17/12

We were so sorry to hear about Krys. I have some very fond memories of Krys.Growing up in Deseret had many advantages,it seems we were all family. She and all of the Knight family are wonderful people. We will miss her. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.Love,Ron and Loree Pace


ELIZABETH CICCONE posted on 6/17/12

Gone too soon. You made a difference in the lives of countless children and their families, including mine. Love and sympathy to her family.Rest in Peace.


Sue Turley posted on 6/17/12

My kids love Krys. They loved the way she cared about everyone & they said she helped people who got hurt. They remember her reading stories to them.


Nicole, Justin, and Abby Wardell posted on 6/16/12

Ms. Knight was the kind of person who could spend a few moments talking to you, but leave an impact that would last a lifetime. Although Ms. Knight never called any attention to herself, we know she was deeply involved in the fundraiser for our daughter's heart transplant. We are forever grateful to her for her help with fundraiser, but more importantly, for her genuine love and concern for Abby. Ms. Knight, we love you and the sweet way you cared about our daughter as if she were your own. Your family will remain in our prayers. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.Love, The Wardell Family


Stephanie McGaughey posted on 6/16/12

I was very sad to learn of Krys' passing. I will always hold fond and happy memories in my heart for Krys. I have learned and been blessed having known her for the past 13 years. I have found myself laughing as I have thought about the funny and goofy as well as downright crazy memories I have of Krys. She has been a true friend through the good and bad. She will be greatly missed by the teachers but especially by the students and families she loved and served.