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Obituary for Tina Cheri Burns

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Tina Cheri Burns

March 12, 1965 - January 28, 2012

Tina Cheri BurnsMarch 12, 1965~January 28, 2012On Saturday January 28, 2012 our bubble of joy and laughter lost her long battle with addiction. She’s our daughter, sister, cousin and friend who will be greatly missed by all who knew her. Her time here with us may have been cut short but what an amazing life she lived with countless friends and adventures. Tina loved the field of medicine and much of her time was spent in the care-taking of others. Her true joy was found in being with her family especially her nephew Michael. They were “Best Buddies” forever. Her life was filled with many accomplishments, but nothing as important as the legacy of love and laughter she leaves with her family and friends. Tina is survived by her parents; Roger Burns and Alice Nelson, 3 sisters, Staci Burns, Jennifer Burns, Bitsy Hislop (Jery), her 2 nephews, Michael Campbell, Tucker Hislop, and many cousins, aunts and uncles. A private graveside service for Tina will be held under the direction of Leavitt’s Mortuary.Flowers are welcome and appreciated, however the family encourages those who would prefer to make a donation in Tina’s name to any local recovery facility in hopes of helping those still battling this terrible disease. I feel you in the wind blowing through my hair and in the warm sun on my shoulders, and when my bare feet touch the warm earth this spring I will feel you.You are all around me and in me forever, and I feel blessed in the knowing that to live on in the hearts and memories of those left behind is not to die. You are forever with us. Always we love you Tinky Bun!! Be at peace and set your wings to flight. At last you’re free to fly!! Online condolences may be sent to the family at


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Timeline for Tina Cheri Burns

Born: March 12, 1965
Died: January 28, 2012

Condolences for Tina Cheri Burns

Marjo Wilbrink posted on 2/10/13

Dear Alice and Staci,We were shocked when we heard that Tina passed away about a year ago. We want to offer our condolences and wish you all strength. We have not known that Tina was gone and only heard a few weeks ago by Rimi that she thought something had happened. We think about you and when you want, you can always call Renny. She is my mother and would like to contact Alice/Aukje to comfort her. Kindest regards for all, Marjo Wilbrink.Ofcourse you can alo send an email to me if you feel like it.


Fara Fletcher Harper posted on 3/31/12

Alice and Stacey and family we are all so sorry for the loss of Tina. She was such a fun and caring person with such a bubble personality. Your family is in our prayers. Lael and Richard Fletcher, Fara Fletcher Harper, and Judy Crossett


Tracy Burns Mosher & Susie Burns Gurule posted on 2/7/12

Dear Roger, Alice, Staci, Jen & Bitsy,Susie & I enjoyed getting to know Tina again thru FB she has really touched our hearts in so many ways... she was so sweet and so loving, we laughed with her especially lately with the crazy football competition & camaraderie between family & friends has been so entertaining…we’ve had soooo much fun with Tina and her witty ways, it made us want to be bronco fans too! Lol! She was so free about expressing herself and most of all the love she had for her family & friends that we wanted to do the same for her! She was an amazing example of love to us! Thank you, Tina & Family <3 <3 <3 <3 <3I would like to share a post with you that I wrote on Facebook.A few years back I was invited to join FB, I declined the invite because of the unknown of what FB was and such! Then a cousin surprised me w/an invite which made me think twice, knowing this cousin really didn’t know me and maybe he wants to connect with family…so I joined. TODAY I want to say…THANK YOU TO ALL MY FAMILY & FRIENDS!!!I have enjoyed getting to know you all once again as distance is no longer in the way!!!!! I’ve laughed & cried w/you, traveled the world w/you, enjoyed all kinds of activities, you’ve shared family fun, monumental moments and sad ones too! Though I’m quiet at times I’ve enjoyed you, I’ve asked God to touch your heart, comfort you, or simply reveal himself to you and your circumstance! A while back I was thinking of an Uncle and wondering how he was doing, so I looked up his daughter on FB and stepped out and requested an invite, which gave me the pleasure of getting to know her again!!! Sadly, yesterday she passed away. I’m so THANKFUL to have had the pleasure of knowing her once again…along with childhood memories to lasting words left on FB that really shows the heart of a person…LOVE YOU ALL & Thank you again for your friendship! Many Blessings!!!!! Tracy =)


Kay Blechert Remington posted on 2/5/12

Roger, I'm so sorry about Tina. I never got to meet her but heard some wonderful things about how happy she was and a joy to be around. You will be in my prayers as well as your family. May the Lord's choicest blessings be with you. Love, Kay Remington


Holli Sackett posted on 2/3/12

To Stacy and family, I am so heartbroken to hear about Tina. She was an amazing person and I loved her like a sister. We could laugh and cry at anything. We worked at the City Club together and would enjoy every minute that we spent together because we loved to laugh. I loved when Tina laughed! Her whole face would light up and she had the most beautiful eyes and smile. We haven't stayed in touch and I feel awful about that. My husband, Troy died of the same illness. It is something that completely takes over the person and they have no control. Please know that I loved Tina so much. I will miss her even though we lost touch. She didn't want this to happen. She loved life too much. Please know that you are in my thoughts and heart. I will always remember fondly how Tina would come out to our house with Kyle and we would hot tub and maybe drink too much, but most of all....we would laugh until we were sick! She was truly an angel on earth and I feel so honored to have known her and loved her. She made an impact on my life and let me know that a person needs to smile and laugh to get through some things. Smile Stacy....she is laughing wherever she is.....


PATRICK NEVAREZ posted on 2/3/12



Kurtis Johnson posted on 2/3/12

Tina, it was just two weeks ago when you reconnected with me after 25+ years. There are many memories that come to mind... but I think most about your smile. Although it's hard to believe you have left this world, I take comfort in knowing that you are in a peaceful place. Love to you and your family.


Lori Phillips posted on 2/3/12

staci and alice , we were so sorry to hear of losing Tina. Please know out thoughts and prayers are with you.


Gary Braden posted on 2/2/12

Alice, Roger, and Staci; You are all in my thoughts at this time. Please accept my condolence for your loss.Gary


Tina ( Sisco ) Peabody posted on 2/2/12

To Tina's Family & Friend's"My heart go's out to you all ! I want to send you my coondolences at this time. I knew Tina from school, She was always such a Beautiful Soul and always had a kind word for others !! She will be truly missed by all who knew her & loved her. I too lost a little Sister to addiction six years ago" And it was very tuff !!! I pray that you may all be Comforted at this time for your loss. I know how hard it can be" And though we know they are in a better place and in no more pain. We still struggle with the every day little thing's for awhile, Like picking up the phone to call, a song you may have shared or a place or a time togther ! I can not tell you that it get's easyer, but in time the pain dose lighten some, We still have are Good day's and Bad day's as will all of you. I pray that you may find some comfort in each other's love & Understanding... For she is free now to spread her wing's and fly like the wind, What a " Beautiful Angle " You all have watching over you !!! Bless you all. Sincerely Tina ( Sisco ) Peabody


Kandi Peay posted on 2/2/12

I have not seen Tina in many years, to hear of her passing is heartbreaking. My deepest sympathies to her family and loved ones. The thing remember most about Tina was that gorgeous smile! Rest in peace Tina.Kandi


Ashley Payan posted on 2/2/12

Dear Staci and family, I am so very sorry to hear about Tina's passing. Gone too soon...Now, she is free and while you will miss her forever; I know that she was welcomed home with with open arms and loving hearts. "A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost."-UnknownKeeping you in my prayers. Ashley Payan


Scott Adams posted on 2/2/12

I have to smile when I think of you and your friends and think to myself, way too young... My time spent with Tina was short, only a few years in High School, but her imprint on my memory will always be of her huge smile and her fun spirit. To the loved ones who are now hurting and lonely, I am so sorry for your loss.Scott Adams


Nancy Porter posted on 2/2/12

Thank You Tina for all the support you gave me when I was down and out. You helped me sooo much by being on the other end. Especially when my Kasey was in and out of the hospital. Love and Miss You!!!


Teri Burns posted on 2/2/12

Tina we will miss you. Your valiant struggle assures you will never be counted amoung those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory or defeat.To Roger, Staci, Bitsy, Jen & Alice, I wish for you the courage to continue to discover a new possibility for life and for love. A broken heart is made larger and more open than before, and you too can do what you need to be healed. I wish you well, and send you love & light until you can again see the light within you.


Kelley Burns posted on 2/2/12

My heart is with the surviving family and my hope is that Tina is now flying pain free!!!!!Love,Kelley Burns


brandi sadlier posted on 2/1/12

I am so sorry for your loss she wasTruely a special friend


Bonnie Hoskins posted on 2/1/12

Alice and Staci; There are really no words to say to you but I am sorry to hear of Tina'spassing. I know your hearts must be breaking to loose someone so suddenly andwithout any kind of a warning. Just remember that awhole lot of goodness hasjust left this earth and heaven is now blessed by her return.....With Our Deepest SympathyBonnie and Joe HoskinsNicole, Reese and Parker


Julie Call posted on 2/1/12

Tina:Your pain is now gone and you are free to fly with angels...keep watch over us and know that you live on in the hearts and memories of all those whose lives you touched. Thank you for your friendship, your smiles & laughter, and love. Rest now...Alice & Staci and family:I am so sorry and saddened for your loss. Tina is such a bright star...and will forever be one. She is a true friend...her love and friendship was given so easily and unconditionally. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with all of you...Julie


Melanie Johnson posted on 2/1/12

I spoke with you for a few hours one time. That one time had a huge impact on my life. You were such a sweet person. You loved your family so much and adored your nephew. I wish you family the best. It is wonderful to know that you are in a much better place. You will be missed.


Jason, Julie (Rasmussen), & Anna Baker posted on 2/1/12

Alice, Staci, and family,I (Julie) have many fond memories of playing & laughing with Tina & other neighborhood friends. We had a fun neighborhood and lots of fun times playing together. I can remember playing kick-the-can, running through sprinklers, marching up & down the gutter during rainstorms, playing house, riding bikes or wagons down our driveway and many more fun activities. Many good times. Please know we are thinking of you and send our love and sympathy to your entire family at this time of sorrow.


Crystal Guillotte posted on 2/1/12

I Love and Miss you so much T~ You will never be forgotten, just like the ring I gave you reads "Friends Forever" I will forever be looking for and missing those phone calls, text messages and emails! Your friendship ment so much to me and you have taught me so much! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends because I know how much she was loved and will forever be missed!


Cassie Hansen posted on 2/1/12

My world has darkened without you around Tina. You were truely loved by so many people. You are such a kind person and spoke so nicely of others. When I speak of you it will be nothing but good because thats who you really were. From you I have learned to be a better friend! I love you.


Bitsy hislop posted on 2/1/12

I love you so much. I miss you Tina. I'm so lost not having you here. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Please know I will never forget you. You are in my soul forever. I love you and miss you. Love, bitsy


Christine Grissom posted on 2/1/12

I love you so much and I miss you already! I miss hearing your voice, your laughter, your smile and your kisses. you and your friendship means so much to me and my family and I know I will never be able to fill this hole in my heart. You had such a beautiful soul and I hope that I can be half as wonderful as you! I love you Tina forever and ever!!!


Annette posted on 2/1/12

Dear Family,Although I did not know your beloved, I would like to express my condolences to you. Each time I read the word "addiction" in an obituary, my heart grieves for those who loved them. I too know the pain of having a loved one struggle with addiction. Mine is still with me but there have been so many times I wondered how long... Please know that you have not walked alone in your struggle. There are many of us who understand, but none so much as a parent. My dear mother once said: Parents should not have to bury their children" when she had to do that with one of hers. May the Lord bless your family in your loss and may you venture forward in faith, knowing she is in a better place.Most sincerely,Annette


Cherie Burns Garr posted on 2/1/12

Dear Roger, Alice, Staci, Jennifer and Bitsy,We just wanted you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We truly loved Tina. She was beautiful and always so kind and friendly to everyone. She had a wonderful gift of friendship. We will always cherish our fond memories of her. We pray that you will be comforted during this difficult time. We know she is in the Lords hands now. We feel so bad that we will not be able to attend the grave side services because we are currently serving a mission in Hawaii. However we will be thinking of you during the service.We want you all to know we love you. Arnie and Cherie Garr


Marci McCarrel Mishler posted on 1/31/12

Thank you for the memories old and new. You will forever be in my heart.


Gina Glasmann posted on 1/31/12

Alice & Staci.... I cant seem to focus on writing this Im so sorry.... I love you guys so much please get a hold of me ...and anything at all I can do please call 801-476-4277 .... God Bless, Gina ( Martinez)Glasmann